Floor Graphics Slip Resistance Ratings

R Rating

Floor Graphics Slip Resistance Ratings.

We have put this information together to help anyone involved with floor graphics to understand the different slip resistance ratings as well as how our selection of floor graphic media fits in to those ratings.

General Guidelines.

We offer a wide range of floor graphic vinyl and non-slip laminates with different slip resistance ratings as well as floor marking tapes to help maintain social distancing for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our extensive printable floor graphic range includes two part floor graphic products ie: printable floor vinyl with a matching anti slip laminate as well as one part floor graphic textured printable vinyl solution.

With floor vinyl materials specifically suited for application to indoor smooth floors and carpets as well as for outdoor smooth and rough surfaces, we have the complete solution for your customer’s needs.

R Rating Scale

R rating.

The R scale is a rating under DIN 51130 classification for shod feet that measures the slipperiness of a flooring surface. The 'R' stands for 'Ramp' and many European products are tested to this standard. The Ramp is adjustable so that the angle of slope can be raised, which when combined with a contaminant such as oil or a soap solution gives an increasingly slippery surface and the more likelihood that the test subject who is walking down the slope will slip. As soon as the ‘slip’ happens the ‘R’ is recorded. The steeper the angle of ramp when the slip happens the higher the R rating.

The ramp declination angles for each rating are set at:

  • R9 between 6 - 10 degrees
  • R10 between 10 - 19 degrees
  • R11 between 19 - 27 degrees
  • R12 between 27 - 35 degrees
  • R13 over 35 degrees

As you can see from this, the R scale starts at R9 which is the lowest rating and progresses through increasing values to the highest floor slip resistance at R13. It is important to note that surfaces that are classified by the DIN 51130 standard as R9 and R10 will still be slippery when used in wet or greasy conditions.

In Summary

  • R9 should only be used in dry areas as it is still slippery when wet
  • R10 should be only used in areas that are kept mainly dry but can be subject to spillages etc
  • R11 can be used in areas that become wet more frequently such as reception or entrance areas of buildings and for short term outdoor use
  • R12 can be used in wet areas and outdoors
  • R13 is suitable for ramped areas that may become wet

Those products suitable to be used outdoors in wet conditions can also be rated under the DIN 51097 classification for use with bare feet. The rating is a simple A to C with A being the lowest and C being required for use in areas such as swimming pools, leisure centre changing rooms etc.

The Pendolum Test.

The Pendulum test is a classification under EN-13036 (similar to BS 7976-2) and instead of a ramp this test replicates a heel striking the floor using a swinging pendulum on level floors with no slope in both dry and wet conditions.

The PTV (Pendulum Test Values) are listed in a scale from 0 to 100 with 100 being the most slip resistant. The minimum slip resistance value considered safe for walking on in wet conditions is 36 PTV.

In Summary

  • 0 – 24 PTV indicates a high risk of slipping and is the approximate equivalent to R9
  • 25 – 35 PTV indicates a moderate slip risk and is roughly the same as R10
  • 36 – 74 PTV ratings suggest a low slip risk equivalent to R11 / R12
  • A PTV value of more that 75 signifies an extremely low risk of slipping and can be thought of in the same way as R13

Product Overview.

Product Type DIN 51130
R rating
DIN 51097
Test Value
Go to Product
DFP33 Printable vinyl (no lamination required) R9 Click here
ASLAN MP326 Floor Graphic Laminate R9 Dry 53 Wet 33 Click here
Essential Floor Laminate Floor Graphic Laminate Dry 72 Wet 50 Click here
ASLAN MP300 Floor Graphic Laminate R12 C Click here

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