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Vehicle Wrapping Tools

Vehicle Wrapping Tools
Vehicle Wrapping Tools
A complete range of tools accessories for vehicle wrapping.
Easy Wipe Lint Free Wipes

High quality polyester cellulose wipes designed to provide the best solution for printer maintenance and all types of surface preparation. Pack of 150 wipes.

£12.50 exc VAT
In Stock
3M Blue  Squeegee

Softer than the 3M Gold squeegee. Specifically designed for vehicle wrapping. Size: 100mm x 70mm.

Buy 1-4: £2.16 exc VAT each
Buy 5+: £1.90 exc VAT each
In Stock

Flat profile PVC Keder for edging fabric prints used with flexible media tension frame systems.

In Stock
Felt Squeegee

Compressed Felt Squeegee for scratch free application. Size: 100mm x 70mm x 13mm

Buy 1-9: £2.89 exc VAT each
Buy , 10+: £2.71 exc VAT each
In Stock
Lint Free Cloths

A microfibre cleaning cloth specifically designed to pick up and hold dirt and have high absorption qualities. These cloths have a soft smooth feel and unlike cotton they are lint free making them ideal for surface preparation prior to graphic application. Also recommended as a wipe to remove memoboard markings. Pack of 100 cloths.

£20.11 exc VAT
In Stock
Magnetic  Squeegee

A Squeegee and a Magnet in one! Holds your graphics in place and keeps your knife handy too.

£8.18 exc VAT
In Stock
Self-adhesive Alcantara

Pre-cut wing shaped, self-adhesive squeegee wrap to reduce friction on vehicle wrap application.

£1.09 exc VAT
In Stock
Trigger Sprayer

A 1/2 litre trigger sprayer specially designed for with a double action therefore delivering twice the output and in a constant flow.

£10.85 exc VAT
In Stock
Bubble Pen

Bubble Pen with a retractable fine point for removing air bubbles trapped underneath vinyl film.

£6.49 exc VAT
In Stock
Contour  Squeegee

Excellent for applying film to inaccessible areas such as under rubber sealing strips.

£4.31 exc VAT
In Stock
Softline Turbo Squeegee

A soft, shaped squeegee with an easy to grip holder and a PU edge. It is firm yet flexible making it excellent for the first squeegee when positioning window films. Wedge shape is ideal for use around window frames.

In Stock
Easy Cutter

Ideal for cutting away excess film close to the body of the vehicle.

£4.22 exc VAT
In Stock
Push Stick

The applicators mate: this useful tool will help to lift vinyl off a substrate when things go a bit pete tong and it is also ideal for removing car badges and trims prior to applying vinyl wraps.

Buy 1-2: £2.13 exc VAT each
Buy , 3++: £1.91 exc VAT each
In Stock
Mounting Magnet

Mounting magnet

Buy 1-9: £3.00 exc VAT each
Buy , 10+: £2.50 exc VAT each
In Stock
Application Gloves

Seamless white elasticated dust free gloves for applying graphics to contoured vehicle surfaces.

£2.18 exc VAT
In Stock
Wrap Finger

Not a fingerless glove; more a gloveless finger!! The Wrap Finger gives so much more flexibility to your hand work.

Buy 1-4: £1.64 exc VAT each
Buy 5+: £1.47 exc VAT each
In Stock
Wrap Cut

WrapCut™ This vehicle wrap trimming tape is a narrow, flexible adhesive tape with an exceptionally strong fine filament attached to the adhesive side in close proximity to the tape edge.

In Stock
Wrap Stool

Sturdy stool with cushioned seat & tool tray below. The caster wheels allow for smooth movement during the application process.

£37.01 exc VAT
In Stock
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