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Sandblasting and Shotpeening

Sandblasting and Shotpeening

Not only do we supply specialist self-adhesive films to the retail design, display and graphics sectors, but we also play a major part in supplying industrial-grade stencil films to various industries both in the UK and abroad. Consider it our best-kept secret!

Offering protection to a wide variety of substrates including wood, slate, glass, stone and metal, our tough stencil films are used to mask off areas during the processes of sandblasting and shot peening.

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Sandblasted Marble

What is sandblasting?

Used to decorate and personalise signs and plaques made from wood, glass and slate, the sandblasting process requires strong stencil film. ASLAN supplies stencil films ranging from 80 micron to 250 micron thick which are perfect for these light-to-medium-duty sandblasting projects.

● Sandblast 80 | ASLAN S69 | 80 micron

● Sandblast 180 | ASLAN S68 | 180 micron

● Sandblast 250 | ASLAN S66 | 250 micron

Higher-pressure sandblasting requires a more robust stencil film. This is typically used by stone masons when crafting headstones and other memorials, as well as decorative features in the construction industry and ornamental areas in public spaces. Products that are commonly used to mask off and protect areas during these heavy-duty sandblasting jobs range from 330 micron to 600 micron.

● Sandblast 330 | ASLAN S64 | 330 micron

● Sandblast 600 | ASLAN S62 | 600 micron

What is shot peening?

The shot peening of metal surfaces and components involves firing small ‘shot’ at high speed into a metal surface. This increases the density and strengthens that area, which in turn makes it highly resistant to fatigue and failure.

Due to the critical nature of some of these components, it’s super important to use the right stencil film. We’ve been working alongside a number of customers involved in the Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace industries, as well as those manufacturing pipes, valves and pumps for the Water, Oil and Gas sectors, to develop new products that offer increased adhesion values to cope with this rigorous process.

● Sandblast 600 | ASLAN S62HT | 600 micron with high tack adhesive

● Blast Film 330 | 330 micron paper based stencil with high tack adhesive

All of our sandblast and shot peen stencil films offer high-definition edges during the blasting process. They also feature residue-free removal so no matter which film is selected you can be absolutely sure that your project will be a success.

How can we help you?

If you have a project that you are working on and need a little help selecting the right materials, just contact us or drop us an email. We're always happy to help.

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Article Posted: 31/03/2023 15:27:38

Products Featured in this Blog

Blast Tape 330 :: 1000mm x 25m

Blast Tape 330 is the ultimate heavy duty shot peening stencil masking film. The protection is in the form of a tough strengthened paper that has a super high grip rubber adhesive and protected with a one side PE coated paper. The properties of BT330 make it the toughest product on the market today yet it is still soft enough for it to be easy to cad-cut and workable enough for it to easily conform and adhere well to both large and small components. Excellent adhesion levels to all sbstrates yet will stiil remove with leaving any residue. Extremely resisitant to intense controlled shot peening, the adhesive will create a strong anchor to the surface to allow for maximum abrasion resistance. Blast Tape 330 is also PVC and halogen free so can be used for highly critical components in a wide variety of industries. Prices are per 25m roll.

£419.55 ex VAT
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£419.55 ex VAT
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Aslan S64 :: 625mm Width

Aslan S64 is a heavy duty stencil film designed for deep sandblasting onto stone and metal surfaces and as a protection film for controlled shot peening. Prices are per linear metre.

Buy 1-24: £9.15 ex VAT each
Buy 25+: £7.87 ex VAT each
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Aslan S62 :: 625mm x 10m

Aslan S62 is a heavy duty yet soft pliable stencil film designed primarily for the memorial industry as it is perfect for deep sandblasting onto all types of stone. Prices are per roll.

Buy 1-2: £115.40 ex VAT each
Buy 3-4: £108.48 ex VAT each
Buy 5+: £101.55 ex VAT each
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Aslan S62 High Tack :: 1250mm x 12.5m

ASLAN S62HT heavy duty stencil masking film is soft and pliable with a high tack, high grab adhesive. This special adhesive makes S62HT perfect for use with uneven stone surfaces, reducing the need to pre-apply a filler. It will also adhere well to cold stone surfaces so is the preffered product for outside use all year round. The special adhesive properties of ASLAN S62HT enable it to be used as a stencil masking protection for pumps, valves and seals in the water, oil and gas industries that require maintainance, cleaning, repairing or are being prepared for painting. This cad-cutable stencil masking film is also ideal for high intensity shot peening protection of critical components in the automotive, aerospace and other industries. Prices are per 12.5m roll.

£275.00 ex VAT
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